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Professional indemnity insurance plan (PIP)

One must be a member of the Pharmaceutical Society in order to apply for Professional Indemnity Insurance Plan (PIP).

According to Board Notice 83 of 2008 published on 29 August 2008 any person registered with the South African Pharmacy Council who performs one or more of the functions relating to the scope of practice of the category in which he/she is registered must be covered by his / her own indemnity insurance.

Letter from SAPC regarding individual indemnity insurance: SAPC letter

Category of Practice Rates Effective 01/04/2017
A - R5 million
Rates Effective 01/04/2017
B - R7.5 million
Rates Effective 01/04/2017
C - R10 million
Rates Effective 01/04/2017
D - R15 million
Rates Effective 01/04/2017
E - R20 million
  Annual premium incl. VAT Monthly premium incl. VAT Annual premium incl. VAT Monthly premium incl. VAT Annual premium incl. VAT Monthly premium incl. VAT Annual premium incl. VAT Monthly premium incl. VAT Annual premium incl. VAT Monthly premium incl. VAT
Clinical Trials management of Investigational Medicine Products, reviewing and assisting with protocols (as set out in app form), Research Pharmacist R2,500 (R2,554) R212.83 R2,750 (R2,804) R233.66 R3,025 (R3,079) R256.58 R3,630 (R3,684) R307.00 R4,356 (R4,410) R367.50
Industrial Management, Group Directors, Primary Care Dispensing Therapist (PCDT), RESPONSIBLE PHARMACIST R2,268 (R2,322) R193.50 R2,495 (R2,549) R212.42 R2,745 (R2,799) R233.25 R3,294 (R3,348) R279.00 R3,952 (R4,006) R333.83
Retail/Hospital/Industrial Pharmacist, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Pharmacist, Locum, Pharmacy/Wound care Nurse, Medical Scheme Clinical Consultant, Wholesaler/Distributor Pharmacist, Other R1,360 (R1,414) R117.83 R1,496 (R1,550) R129.17 R1,645 (R1,699) R141.58 R1,974 (R2,028) R169.00 R2,368 (R2,422) R201.83
Pharmacy Technician R668 (R722) R60.17 R735 (R789) R65.75 R808 (R862) R71.83 R970 (R1,024) R85.33 R1,164 (R1,218) R101.50
Pharmacist’s Assistant, Intern, Academic, Community Service Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician Trainee R473 (R527) R43.92 R520 (R574) R47.83 R572 (R626) R52.17 R686 (R740) R61.67 R824 (R878) R73.17
Pharmacy Student, Pharmacy Technician Student R190 (R244) R20.33 - - - - - - - -

Notes Regarding Fees:

  1. Premiums include VAT at 14%
  2. Please be aware that a R50.00 policy fee is included in the above rates. (This is a once off policy fee charged annually) payable to PPS
  3. Premiums include administration fee of 15% for PSSA nett of the R50 policy fee
  4. Premiums include commission at a rate of 20% payable to PPS after subtraction of R50 policy fee and the 15% for PSSA
  5. A debit order fee of R54.00 (R4.50 per month) will be charged on monthly debit orders and R4.50 on a yearly debit order (payable to PSSA)
  6. Excesses are R2,500.00 each and every claim

Click here to download the PIP application form