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Community service pharmacist 2018 leaflet - download here

Guidelines for the motivation of a new medicine on the National EDL - click here (4Mb) 

National TB Management Guidelines 2015 - download here

NHI White paper Dec 2015 - download here

Healthcare Market Inquiry documents:

PSSA submission to Market Inquiry - 20141027 - download here

HMI presentation outline - download here

PSSA HMI Presentation - download here

Notes to HMI presentation - download here

Antibiotics information (Newsletter #37/2015; Newsletter #9/2016):

Notice of nomination for appointment to NMA Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance - download here

Application form for Essential Drugs Programme Committee - download here

Declaration of Interest form - download here

Antimicrobial Resistance National Strategy Framework (741Kb) 2014 - 2024 - download here

NICE guidance: antimicrobial stewardship (201Kb) - download here

Antibiotics Handle With Care toolkit(1Mb) - download here

WHO Antibiotic Resistance: Multi-country survey (1Mb) - download here

Draft guidelines for pharmacy licensing (pdf 707Kb) - download here

FIP report: Sustainability of pharmacy services (pdf 1.9Mb) - download here

Fees payable in terms of Act 101 of 1965 - download here

Undesirable medicines Gazette 1 - download here

Undesirable medicines Gazette 2 - download here

Vaccination schedule 2015 - click here

Vaccination tag - click here

GPP rules for implementation (pdf 867kb) - click here

Revised Schedules document (pdf 1Mb) - click here

Schedule changes - 20 Sept 2013 - click here

Schedule changes - Emergency care providers, paramedics, dental therapists and optometrists - click here

Employment Equity

Click here to access the document from the Department of Labour on how to successfully complete an Employment Equity Report

Promotional videos

Link to Pharmacy Education - click here
Link to Community Pharmacy - click here
Link to Hospital Pharmacy - click here
Link to Manufacturing Pharmac - click here
Link to Protecting the Patient- click here

2013 Contraception Clinical Guidelines (1.4Mb) - click here

Wholesale and retail determination 2013 (414kb) - click here